Who is Runway Audio?

 As a guitar player you know that we have all searched endlessly for the best tone. Eventually we settle on what we think is good tone. Then just a few months later we are dissatisfied again and the process starts all over. What if I told you the answer is in your guitar cables? Hear me out just for a moment. The cable is the main pathway in which your guitar signal travels to get to your amp. For most guitar players the signal takes a pit stop at the pedalboard before continuing to the amp. Without getting too complicated cables have rating of capacitance. The lower the capacitance the more signal that can pass through. If you want to get the best tone you will want to have the lowest capacitance. That is where Runway Audio comes in (time to get excited!). 

In 2016 Runway Audio set out to make the best sounding and most reliable cable in the industry. To date they have served customers around the globe. The guitar cable seems so simple and rightfully so. It also makes a huge difference in your sound. Runway Audio cables are rated at 20 pF/ft capacitance. The cables you are using are likely 40 pF/ft or higher. We don't want to get caught up in the numbers because at the end of the day the sound is what matters.

We cannot say enough good things about Runway Audio! You need to check them out in our shop! Click Here Not sure if you'll love them? Not to worry! We have you backed by a 14-day return policy. Instrument cables come with a lifetime manufacturer guarantee. Patch cables come with a 2-year manufacturer guarantee. If we don't have the length you need please email us at info[at]akronaudioandtech.com and we can special order it for you!